Video demo

Here is a music video we shot to Weird Science by Oingo Boingo.

This is our full music video that we created. I thought of the idea and created the button, we all thought of different locations to go to, and  did the editing in Final Cut Pro. I did some camera work for different shots. Hope you like our music video that we created!

A shorter Video we Wrote, shot, and edited in 4 hours.

This is my ANTE award winning Full Throttle ad I helped write, storyboard, script, and film on location with a Sony camera. After filming we recorded voice over parts and sfx in Audobe Audition before putting everything together in Final Cut Pro. I really enjoyed making it. Hope you enjoy watching.

This is a silent movie we shot at The Colorado Media School with a Panasonic camera. Then we added music in Final Cut Pro. It’s basically a 3 minute fart joke.

A TV news story written and recorded by me